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Thursday, 19 April 2018


Again today, our internal seminar was a great knowledge pack.
Indeed digital marketing has become so pervasive globally as far as business is concerned.

Interestingly, digital marketing is one marketing strategy that is measurable, targeted, interactive, versatile and has high revenue generation tendencies.

And like our speaker today would say , Digital marketing is a discipline that is rich, broad, adventurous and tech-based.

Digital marketing comprises the following;
Search engine optimization, social media marketing,content marketing, email marketing and lots more.

It was clear at the end of today's Seminar, that all businesses have equal opportunity to explore their market. However, your Digital marketing startegies makes the difference.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


The ongoing privacy saga with mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook has raised an issue of great concern among media eunthusiast who have written commentaries and opinions concerning the cyber world, data and privacy.

The very fact that internet users deliberately or rather voluntarily leverage their data to the internet especially when aiming to register on a platform and even affirming the account by agreeing to the terms and conditions without even reading through is an irony.

In a recent blog post, Yinka Awosanya wrote that "the Internet is taking more than it’s giving or better put, we are giving the Internet more — surrendering our privacy for convenience and we don’t even care."

The facebook privacy saga has opened the eyes our the worlds understanding about where all the data collected over the years in the internet is going. Aside the primary function of granting users access to platforms, what else do domain owners do with the huge collection of data.

Studies have revealed that most of these data gathered could be transferred and used by companies to promote new business incentives. One general habit of over 65% of internet users is agreeing to terms and conditions without taking time to read through. The privacy terms of facebook in part reads thus;

Information from third-party partners.
We receive information about you and your activities on and off Facebook from third-party partners, such as information from a partner when we jointly offer services or from an advertiser about your experiences or interactions with them.

Facebook companies.
We receive information about you from companies that are owned or operated by Facebook, in accordance with their terms and policies.

Show and measure ads and services.
We use the information we have to improve our advertising and measurement systems so that we can show you relevant ads on and off our Services and measure the effectiveness and reach of ads and services. Learn more about advertising on our Services and how you can control how information about you is used to personalize the ads you see.

These are the features of what marshal McLuhan foresaw when he theorized about the global village. Privacy does not matter anymore, in my opinion except you just decided to delete your entire internet accounts and turn to the 20th century. How does that sound ?

Thursday, 5 April 2018


Crowdsourcing is channeling experts desire to solve problems and then freely sharing the answer

Crowdsourcing,conceived from the word crowd and outsourcing, is a technical way of getting the hands of a large network of potential labourers into a demanding and often technical task. The main business behind crowdsourcing is to produce solutions to societal problems.

Crowdsourcing could be very significant among tech oriented communities due to its method of operation which includes flexibility, scalability, speed and diversity. This has been a motivation to the 300 mints campaign for recently.

The 300 mint campaign of is a movement that encourages programmers to build and upload "mints" (solutions) on for compensations. The need for crowdsourcing the 300 mint is to involve more programmers towards producing significant and diverse solutions to the needs and subsequent demands of clients on

This campaign comes with a huge reward. For every "mint" (solution) a programmer builds and uploads on,the programmer gets monetary compensation. Secondly, crowdsourcing will boosts your recognition in the tech world. Moreso you are bound to earn intellectual satisfaction knowing that you just produced a solution to someones problem.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Online freelancing versus Nigeria's perception

In Nigeria English we call it hand-work but oyibo calls it freelancing. It seems that's where the misconception started

Speculations have shown that the number of online freelancers in Nigeria is below what is obtainable in most countries. This is basically due to the inherent misconceptions about online money-making.
You tell someone you are a freelancer and he will be like...what's that? You try making things clearer by saying you work online they start imagining that you are a yahoo boy.

An average Nigerian would rather "innocently" go through formal education and go into the labor market than depending online for a source of income. Infact you can present anything else not online freelancing...welcome to Nigeria.

The fact remains that freelancers, especially the more enlightened ones take advantage of the online platform to explore their horizon and the wide range of services that digitization has offered freelancing. Regrettably,most countries have gone ahead while Nigeria is still trying to understand how online freelancing works.

The very fact that freelancing or your handwork, so to say makes you a boss in your post is worthwhile. So you choose when to work, who work for and how to work.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


           Your mistake as a startup shouldn't be that you woke up at the junction and realized that you had your T-fare but didn't know where you where headed.
A Section of Startups at Uyo2018 Startup Friday

I've heard people say, often that money can thrive a business but without a good idea, the business will still die. Well, this could be true in a sense but not entirely; after all it's a mere expression of opinion not an exertion of fact.

However, it is necessary to embrace the other end of this judgement that a wonderful and life changing idea could fade and die due to the low financial status of the idea-carrier or perhaps lack of adequate  funds.

Obviously, only a hand-grasp of businesses start big, the many others start small if not from scratch. This learning process will take you through the funding opportunities as well as stages that startups needs to take to fund their business.

What Kind of Business are You Operating:
Your mistake as a startup shouldn't be that you woke up at the junction and realized that you had your T-fare but didn't know where you where going. All am trying to say is that Startups should understand the nature of business they are venturing into, see it from a bigger lens and ascertain its financial cost. You know, many businesses only started with just a faction of the kind of business they have in mind. The whole image only becomes bigger when the business grows overtime. It is at this point (the junction) that the mindful takes the lead in the game. Knowing your business helps you establish the cost of resources needed to build the business, especially before the intervention investors and other areas of funding you look forward to.

This step ushers us into the different funding opportunities for Startups. The immediate funding opportunities available for Startups may include :

This simply means that startups could begin their business journey with their personal savings without seeking for external financial intervention. In this case, they depend on their own earnings and are very conscious of their financial spending. Bootstrapping is actually advisable for startups. However, it limits the business especially at the early stage.

Donations From Family and Friends:
Startups can equally raise funds for their business from their family members or even friends. The good side of this method is that Startups have little or nothing to worry especially concerning interest rate and other financial charges relative to other external fund sources.

Angel Investors:
 Startups can also benefit financially from individuals who pull their resources towards funding and building a small business and subsequently co-own the business or expect returns as the business grows. Ofcourse this opportunity has its positive and negative sides.

Startups can aswell seek help from investors. These set of people offer financial help to growing businesses with  the aim of getting returns afterwards. One issue with investors is that there could be cases of high interest charges which could be a burden to Startups.

These are basically the funding opportunities available for startups. Whichever one you may choose, it is needful to understand the terms and conditions surrounding each of them. Then Startups can draw a margin and soar. 

Thursday, 15 March 2018


       "  Techpreneurs should learn to separate business from their technological background   "

Youths are native to ICT and understand its languages much better than other age segments. Interesting enough, they anchor the ICT segment of the economy both in the public and private sector.

Your journey as a techpreneur should start with the business model. Conventionally, the business model canvas is a better milestone to set the pace for startups, especially. However, there are factors, although trivial but significant to the survival of startups. They include the following ;

Separate Business From Your Tech Background:
Tech founders should learn to separate the business side of their skill from their tech background, Japhet Johnson of Describe Web Technologies (DWT). This simply means that you need the coordinated effort of people from various discipline or perhaps other ideological background to team up and make the business work. It is not right to feel that you are entitled to make the business work, as a tech person. You need a business idea to make business work.

Understand Your Relationship with People:
As as a techpreneur, you must understand what your affiliation with people or perhaps an individual means to your business. Define who your employees are, define your business partners, your investors and even your family and friends. That way, you will know not to confuse business with fun.

Outsource Your Weakness:
Another notable way to expand your business horizon as a techpreneur is to leverage your strength and outsource your weaknesses. What human or material resources do you have, which do you not have. Make the most of the ones you have and reach for some related businesses who can work on contract. You could strike a deal on revenue-sharing bases.

Generally, your journey as a techpreneur is one that demands diligence, hard work, focus and breath taking ideas. Be the best you can be and make the most of what you have.    

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Is oyerr someones name ?
Is  oyerr a company?
Is oyerr a place ?
Is oyerr this or that?

These are the questions that people ask when they see the oyerr gang in customized oyerr t-shirt and necklace. Surprisingly, not everyone know that is a subsidiary of Describe Web Technologies ( It is interesting to know that is digital product of Describe Web Technologies ( ), not a company on its own. Oh yes, we have a physical office, presently in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

It is necessary that you understand the bases on which stands. is built and handled my specialized web programmers. So your job security is certain so also are the services you get from this online market. is an ICT based company that specialize on web development, web design and search engine optimization /online marketing. develop websites that contain millions of data as well as one that suits your business need. The SEO strategies and tools are such that can make your website rank high among numerous search results.

Now is a proud baby of that allows users to generate most of its contents and activities. Its is an online market website that allows freelancers to offer services to the society for a fee. What this means is that, more of the services are done online. It also means that you can hire a freelancer from our website who will do your job for you within the stipulated number of days you wish to have it. It also means that you can order your job from any part of the world no matter your location. All you need to do is to place an order for the service you need, one or more freelancers will offer to do the job for you. You are in the position to choose who does your job, basing your yardstick on the profile of the freelancers.