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Monday, 22 January 2018


 You obviously need a website that enhances user experience and ensures that you do not loose visitors to your site due to connectivity or other technical issues. Then I propose you convert your website to a progressive web application.

Progressive web apps (PWA) are new technologies that combine the best experiences of a web and the best of application. It becomes stronger as the user uses the web application over time. PWA is built with a technology that not only allows your website to earn a place on the users’ home screen, but also hosts the web application live on the home screen without connectivity or need for an application store. have web programmers who can readily convert your website to a progressive web application.
Works offline:
 A PWA is built with service workers which enhances and enables the web application to work independently offline as well as work with low network connectivity.

 A PWA has a resemblance of an android application; however it appears on the users’ home screen and re-engages the user through a push notification. It re-opens in real-time even without network connection.

Home screen Shortcut:
 This feature of the PWA allows users to install it on their home screen without necessarily going to an application store. You simply add it on your home screen on automated request of your browser.

Frequent update:
 As long as the web application is on the home screen, everything that happens online is automatically updated through a service worker update. It re-engages the user both offline and online.

 PWA works with HTTPS. This technology prevents intruders from tampering with the communication between the users and your website. Intruders exploit and sometimes insert advertisement on your website.
A Progressive web application works for every user and can work on any browser.

It is operational in desktop, mobile phones, tablets and etc

Thursday, 18 January 2018


 You are an alluring writer, you can paint imaginary pictures of your observation with words, so what stops you from making a  living out of it. You can begin blogging on what you are really crazy writing about. It could be politics, fashion, make up, phones, education, career, name it.

Obviously people think owning a blog is such a big deal, but you see, it's not. You can get a blog built for you as low as #9000 naira. 

Now remember that blogging requires a lot of focus. Talking about focus, I mean limiting your blog to a particular category of discussion.  By so doing, you are expanding and exploring your horizon of knowledge on that category of discussion.

Now, has a deluge of programmers, web developers, web designers etc. Most of them have already created a gig on that. All you need do is make an order or better still make a request for a blog. is out to build  independent persons out of our society. Linda Ikeji started like this, you too can. can be your backbone.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


The services we offer on is not just limited to freelancers who offer to perform certain tasks for a fee, it also extends to other persons who need these services.

This article is meant to guide our clients on how to post a buyer request on oyerr, especially if the services you need is not displayed as a readymade gig.

Readymade gigs are job offers already created by freelancers on our website. At this point, you as a buyer just need to click on “order now” to place an order.

Now, how do you place an order if you didn’t find the service you need among the already displayed gigs on 

Sign in to your oyerr account using your username and password

On the menu bar, click on Buyer ( a number of option will is listed )

Click on post a request (a form will come up )

On the form, you are directed to describe the service you need in details

Select the category of task you need among the listed options

Type in your financial budget for the service you need

Type in the number of days it should take to get our service delivered

Click in submit

The process is even simpler when you do it. Talk to us using the comment box on this blog, via our email (, or via our live chat on your oyerr account page.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

How to Set up PayPal on Oyerr

Before you can setup PayPal on your oyerr account, you need to have a PayPal account with a an email often called the PayPal account email. It is with this account that yo can setup PayPal on your oyerr account.

This is how you set up PayPal on your OYERR account.
1. Login your account.
2. From the setting or profile links section located on the top right corner when using a computer and on the left side navigation when using a phone.
3. Fill in your real PayPal account email, crosscheck and make sure your spelling and email is correct.
4. Scroll down and click on the save button.
That's it!

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In case you thought it will be some gymnastic or stunt, sorry to disappoint you, it is this simple to get PayPal working on your OYERR account. So let's get started...

The New Payment System on Oyerr

With the prevailing pervasiveness of digitisation in our world and the quick adaptation to changes in technological development, many Information and Communication Technology companies, and indeed other public related industries such as the Media, Banks, Hotels etc.  aim to diversify their economic strategies to suit the changing nature of the society.

By the way, any business of  this 21st century which does not tune to the technological advancement of this era is  bound to be left out. The society tend to know more about recent inventions. Every business needs to work hard to be ahead of the competition by aiming to satisfy consumer needs faster, easily and at considerable cost.

As a matter of fact, is a product born out of digitisation. Therefore keeping up with new digital trends is what we must do. Recently, has integrated the use of PayPal into its payment system in addition to the already existing payment system on . PayPal system allow users to make online transaction from anywhere around the globe

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There are other payment systems available on oyerr such as PayStack. Oyerr is out to give freelancing in Nigeria a bigger picture. Just tune to this development and be sure you are not left out.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Telling a story about yourself and you gig

We must not undermine the power of advertising in business. It doesn't matter if you are a freelancer or a business owner.If you fail to announce or see no need to share what  you do with the other members of the society, your business may suffer. Gigs created on oyerr is a business, irrespective of the nature or the kind of job created therein. It therefore deserves to be advertised.

When you advertise, you tell a story. First, you are telling a story about the product you are sharing. Second, you are telling a story about what you do. In extension, it share your contact with the rest of the world. Little wonders how one can advertise a gig created on oyerr. Well you can .

Oyerr automatically displays a number of social media networks as soon as you create a job and view it. This is to make it easier to share your gig direct

Talking about telling a story about yourself, it is needful therefore to create a reputable profile of yourself. This is to enlighten your prospective clients about you. Your gig will only sound convincing if it is accompanied with a detailed profile . Owing to the nature of freelance services such as oyerr, you may have to go beyond reasonable doubts for credibility purposes.

Meanwhile, oyerr offers you every possible means of promoting your gig . You only need to key into the required thread to keep the line going. Sharing your gig through the social network icons on oyerr is entirely free
Good Luck .


Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Freelancing might just be the future of work in Nigeria

Indeed, the impact of the freelancing in today's society cannot be overemphasized. Freelancing rewards you not just from the financial point of view but also equips you with  wealth of skills, exposure and  expertise in your area of specialization. As a matter of necessity, stands in agreement with to encourage freelancing in Nigeria.

Speculations have been made over the future of freelancing in Nigeria, including newspaper houses and blogs. The result, based on the impact so far , indicates that freelancing may be "the future of work in Nigeria". As reported by Techpoint recently "In 2016, Punch reported that online freelancing may be the future of work in Nigeria. The reason for this speculation is not far-fetched. Over time there has been increase in freelancing activities and Nigeria freelancers have had the opportunity to access projects across the African border. As freelancers keep sprouting, local players in the freelancing marketplace are also emerging".

In line with this pattern of economic development, creates a freelance-made-easy platform for digital task categories including Graphics/logo design, Marketing/Advertising, Writing and Translation, Fun ,music, Programming, Research, Business services and lot more.

Oyerr offers you an achievable comfort that a freelancer deserves including saving you the stress of  job seeking, making good money that you may not have earned doing an office job.

The activities going on Oyerr are worthwhile, you can become part of this increasingly growing platform for free, get engaged and have a testimony to share. Get Started today!